Level Up Your Lifts: Fit Squad Wrist Wraps

Unleash your full potential with Fit Squad’s heavy-duty wrist wraps. Thick, symmetrical thumb loops ensure a secure and comfortable grip during even the most intense workouts.

Built for Stability:

  • Protect your wrists and prevent injury with targeted support during weight training.
  • Ideal for bench press, shoulder press, squats, and more.
  • Our unique elastic blend offers unparalleled support without sacrificing comfort.

The Perfect Fit:

  • Fully adjustable with a secure wrap-around design.
  • Find your ideal level of restriction without cutting off circulation.
  • Soft, comfortable edges prevent chafing and irritation.

Available in 4 bold colors: Red, White, Yellow, and Blue.

Fit Squad Wrist Wraps: Elevate your lifts and train with confidence!

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Heavy Duty Wrist Wraps



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