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Some of the newer digital lenses may even give you a lens error code on your digital camera body if there is an issue. If reopening the Camera app did not help you, switch between the front and rear cameras to check if they are working or not. This may sound very basic, but this trick has helped a lot of users to fix the black screen or camera not working problems on their iPhones. If you’re unable to use the front camera, try switching to the rear camera by tapping the camera flip icon available at the bottom-right of the screen. This is because switching from the front to the rear camera usually resets the camera app and brings back the view through the selected lens back into focus.

An accomplished professional photographer, Townsend is passionate about achieving high quality results from his iPhone and iPad. We were amazed by Townsend’s ingenuity in solving a few common mobile photography challenges. Here are four inventions as described by Townsend himself. If you cannot resolve the lens error issue, your camera may need professional repair. If it’s a relatively new camera and you purchased an extended warranty, it may be repairable for free.

One of the best features of this BMK BLUEMICKEY 12V 5A Smart Battery Charger is that you can avoid wasting hours charging your car battery only to discover it’s defective and can’t be charged. That won’t happen with this car charger as it diagnoses the condition of your battery thanks to the defective battery recognition. This is an all in one battery charger and diagnostic tool that is compact and easy to use. It can charge and restore most batteries and with the quick disconnect harness, you can get moving again in a flash.

Lubricate A Vcr Lubricate Sparingly And Only Where Original Lubrication Has Failed Or Been Cleaned Off:

If you need to wipe it off be very careful as you can do more harm than good. Its very easy to scratch sensors or acrylic parts. A little dirt on the front of your camera usually has very little effect on the photo quality especially if it is in the led or flash area. Spiders also like to hide out inside the security box then crawl up on the front camera. If you have problems with bugs in your security box put a teaspoon of garden insect powder in it. Make sure small sensors are not filled with dirt.

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Way back in the digital dark ages they defined a naming system that can deal with a total of only 9999 images. They have refused to address this limitation for over 20 years since it was pointed out to them that it was insane. In this way we maximize the use of bits in the data , and we take full advantage of the sensor’s dynamic range. Just like your camera will only accurately focus at one distance only (hopefully those two are the same ;~).

There is real value in starting small and developing those basic skills like composition, working with natural light, understanding your gear, etc. A Quality Tripod – I say “quality” tripod because there are some really crappy ones out there. No, you don’t need it for every type of shoot, but for lower light, composite shots, or HDR it is necessary. I’ve had many fail to hold or support the weight of the camera. Sometimes they can only be positioned in a few ways or they can flat out break.

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