Presidential Page. The Alvin people university table of Regents invites nominations and methods your situation of director.

Presidential Page. The Alvin people university table of Regents invites nominations and methods your situation of director.

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The Alvin area College Board of Regents attracts nominations and software for any place of director. The following director will repose on the great work of retiring director Dr. Christal M. Albrecht, owning was used Alvin group College since 2014. The positioning demands excitement in regards to our people plus the quest belonging to the institution while having an informed expertise in the altering education landscape. Alvin neighborhood college or university was a public group institution in Brazoria district, Nevada. The faculty provides academic possibilities in employees practise, academics, technical fields, adult standard training, and private developing.

Alvin are a lovely city with very humble starts dating back to 1845. Alvin try nestled relating to the busyness of Houston, and the sandy shores for the Arizona Gulf shoreline. It ideally provide subscribers big-city destinations with small-town welcome with merely significantly less than an hours drive from the Kemah Boardwalk, area Center Houston, the downtown area Houston, and Galveston.

Professional and Chosen Background

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The prosperous choice would be a good and successful academic chief with visualization, razor-sharp strategical views, and a shown capability to lead an expanding, complex establishment. Perfect applicant is going to be a visionary and entrepreneurial frontrunner that inspires poise and depend on, both within and outside Alvin area university and who will be a great communicator and spokesperson who could suggest for the faculty.

Also, the right applicant need these pro certifications and personal feature:

For more information about Alvin society institution together with the Presidential google search steps, you should see the affixed document.


Salary is competitive and commensurate with credentials and event.

Ideas on how to employ

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Kindly immediate questions, nominations, and application supplies to:

Alvin group College is definitely the same options company and does not discriminate against any individual on such basis as run, faith, design, sexual intercourse, maternity, gender fairness, sex-related direction, parental status, national origins, generation, impairment, families medical background or hereditary facts, governmental affiliation, armed forces provider or expert’s position.

Touch Info

Contact Information

Greenwood/Asher & Acquaintances Betty Turner Asher, Companion and Vp | Itza Walters, Government Google Search Rep Email

Please lead inquiries, nominations, and program resources with the email addresses above.

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